Vessels – Check. Laundry – Check. Cleaning – Check. Cooking – Check. All chores complete.

Where are my jeans? I hate wearing these. But, the rule is that. To wear jeans and the black tee. I hate it for some unknown reason. May be, it’s the feeling that I don’t belong to my brigade anymore. What purpose does that uniform serve? God knows. Anyway, I need to leave now. Else, Divya will scream at me for coming late.

Did I even lock the house? I would’ve. It has become such a habit for me. This Murphy is killing me. Half a dozen buses have plied on the other side, while there has been none this side. There.. I can see one. It is very crowded but beggars can’t be choosers, can they?

Finally, I am here. These men in the buses are such b**tards. I really can’t understand how they manage to be nice to their wives while behaving in a such a lustful manner outside. Men should be banned from using buses, I say.

This elevator. Will it even work for ten days at a stretch? Three floors to climb. Sigh. Exhausted, I am. But with that, I need to smile. Who cares what is running though me?

Oops.. Four customers are waiting already. I am late by ten minutes and Divya is staring at me from behind the counter. I need to apologize. How I hate doing that to her!

First customer for the day. Plastic smile, on! Pedicure. Thank God, it is pedicure. But, wait.. I need to check if her legs need to be waxed too. I hope she says no. Say no. Say no. Please. Yes. What? I hate to wax. But, do I have a choice.

She has got a high tolerance for pain. That fair lady who had come the other day.. Oh My God. She created a ruckus that the wax was too hot. For all that you know, it wasn’t even hot. I had to apologize a thousand times and finally, applied cold wax on her. And, then she complained of pain. What could I do? And, Divya seized the opportunity to ridicule me. I’d done nothing. Let me not even think of it. Thankfully, that day was over and that lady vowed never to set her foot here again. Thank God for that.

Ouch.. I didn’t intend doing it. A little bit of wax spilled on her leg. Sorry. Sorry. Really. It is only because of people like her that it rains in this world. Such a compassionate soul. Doesn’t make a mess even when it hurts so much. Thank you!

How I wish someone does a pedicure to my feet! May be, in my next birth.

The next customer needs a facial. What a systematic boring chorey job! Fake smile.. Fake smile.. Someone is bothering to ask my name? Why, thank you. She’s got a nice figure too. What? She’s got two kids. Unbelievable some of these women are. One day, I’ll have kids too. I hope Murugan’s parents approve of our love. He will never ever talk against them. And, I don’t know why I am so madly in love with him that I can’t even think of an alternative. But, I know for sure, that I wouldn’t quit this job of mine. What is there to be ashamed of about working in a beauty parlour? After all, I am making other people look pretty. And, it is just a job. Like any other. How do I explain this to Murugan’s parents?

She likes the massage. I am happy when someone says it aloud. It takes a lot to appreciate others. That too, others of a lower stature. Of course, we are low. We have lesser money. Some day, I’ll run a beauty parlour. I know I cannot get enough money to reach their levels, but, I can still become decently rich.

Oh.. Why are there very few customers today? These weekdays are so unpredictable. I hate to loiter around and chat with people here. Everyone around here looks at each other as a competitor. There are no friends here in the workplace. I can’t even call Murugan. He must be very busy in the factory. What do I do now? Aah.. A customer.

Only eyebrows? Only? A five minute job. Sigh. She doesn’t even want to get her arms waxed. I hate to keep promoting the other services we offer, but, days like these make me want to.  Haircut? Yay! She wants a haircut. And a layered one at that. More than the fact that it will kill time, I love doing this. It brings out the artist in me.  Sometimes, promotions work too!

It is six already. I am sure there will be no more customers today. But, Divya will not let me go until eight. When I start my new parlour, I will sure employ Divya and not let her go home before nine. Every single day.

It is eight and finally, am on my way home. It has been a decent day today. Thank God for the lady who didn’t raise a hue and cry even after I poured wax on her legs. Accidentally, of course. But, it would’ve hurt badly for sure. I’ll call her tomorrow and find out how she is. Aahh.. The bus has come. Not so crowded. I’m not going to make dinner tonight. All I want to do is sleep.

Then, I’ll wake up to another new day. Does anyone ever know what lies in store on the other side of the sun?