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People who know me are aware of how much I love this potion. The coffee. Rather, the filter kaapi. It is no wonder that this happens to be my first post. To me, whoever makes a good filter kaapi can undoubtedly get all other things right in the kitchen. What’s the big deal in making a good coffee you ask. It ***is*** indeed  a big deal.

Whenever I go to someone’s place and they ask me if I want tea or coffee, I generally say ‘tea’. I would never want to drink a coffee that is not upto the mark; my mark. Tea, I generally don’t care. Yes, I do appreciate good tea. But, I’m not particular about it.


I am sure all of us know how to make filter coffee. But, there are certain do’s and don’t’s when making a cup of good filter coffee. That is what this post is all about.

– I generally make coffee only for me. But, the quality of the decoction might not be good if I make it for one cup of coffee as it is too little. So, I make it for two cups of coffee.

– I use 3 to 3.5 teaspoons of coffee powder assuming 1 and half teaspoon per cup. We are not big on chicory. Amma used to get chicory in her coffee for Rs. 5 per half a kilo. While, I get this ‘Alive’ coffee powder which has 30% chicory.

– Along with the coffee filter, there is also a small plate with pores and a handle given. Once, the coffee powder is put into the top part of the filter, we press the powder with the handle. This should be done not very hard; else the decoction will not percolate to the bottom.

– Let the decoction take its own time to percolate to the bottom of the filter. This, usually takes about fifteen minutes for me. But, to make it quicker, there are times when I tap the top of the filter; only to get a watery decoction. There.. Patience is a virtue.

– Boil milk afresh and then make coffee. Do not.. I repeat do not use milk that is boiled earlier to make coffee. If you do, then, the quality of the coffee will obviously be not so good. It will be watery!

– Froth the milk and sugar first. Then, add the required amount of decoction and froth again. Keep all the spoons and ladles aside. Please froth the coffee. Coffee is not kashayam to be drunk without the froth. Froth the coffee using two tumblers; or a davara and a tumbler. Never use a spoon to dissolve the sugar. I mean N-E-V-E-R!

– Never re-heat coffee. Hear me well.. Never re-heat coffee. If you do, then you are not making/serving/drinking coffee.

– Serve it hot. Wait.. Drink the coffee hot. Coffee is not a fruit juice or beer. It **has** to be drunk piping hot.


Enjoy. Peace out.