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… strikes.

 –  Winter is slowly beginning to show its face to the people of Hyderabad. I know it must be a joke to call this winter for the people from the North. But, for a Madras person like me, the winter is pretty harsh. Our jackets and sweaters are out and we are shivering while getting to our school buses in the mornings.

 – The husband has been engrossed these days watching the World Chess Championship. While we’ve been rooting Anand and all that, one look at Carlsen’s rise can send a shiver down anyone’s spine; including the current world champ Anand. Although we are keeping our fingers crossed and are hoping for a Anand win, I don’t think anyone can stop the eventuality of Carlsen scaling heights.

 – Keeping up with the season’s flavour, the children have been inducted to knowing the fundamentals of chess. The moves, the checks, the mates et all have been told to them. The husband wants Kuttan to be the next Fischer/Carlsen. Heh. While the wife doesn’t want the child to end up getting mad like the old-man-Fischer ‘cos of all the long and hard mental games played during his hey-days. The child conveniently ignores this couple’s tussle by dreaming on about becoming a Ben-10 when he grows big!

 – I am slowly getting involved in Twitter. Which I do not wish to do more of!

 – A friend of mine here had called me for carol singing before Christmas. How I long to go singing Silent Night and Away in a Manger and Joy to the World! But, the catch is that this carol singing happens beyond eight every night. Being the morning person that I am, I’m not sure if that’ll work for me.

 – After procrastinating and I-thinking, I’ve finally decided to start a food blog. Although I’m sure this might not be a mainstream drool-worthy-pictures containing hunger-inducing one, I still wanted to take the plunge to see how far I can go. So friends, **drumrolls** introducing ‘Kitchen Vignettes‘. See you, there!