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Such a taboo-topic I’ve taken for this post. Sigh.

In one of Robin Sharma’s books that I’ve read, he says when you set a goal for yourself, make it public. ‘Cos. for the fear of going back on it, you’d rather prefer sticking to it. That is what I did when I wrote the FB post. Over the last week or so, I’ve been immensely resisting the urge to reactivate my Facebook account. But, for the fact that I’ve made a public-oath (though, there might just be a handful reading it!) I’ve chosen to stay away from it. (Successfully!) Well.. Sharma helps, sometimes.

Once again on the same cue, here I am, writing about my weight loss plans; as usual the operative word is ‘plans’. An auditor is entitled for her share of disclaimers, ain’t she?

Over the last year or so, I’d put on weight like never before. Yeah.. Yeah.. Indhiya tholaikaatchigalil mudhal muraiyaaga and all that. But you know, how human beings love to live in denial, right? (Hypothesis – Consider me a human being for this post alone!) I did so too until one day I happened to by chance stare at my own self on the mirror. Aunty.. Aunty.. Aunty.. The asareeries were screaming from somewhere or may be, nowhere.

I had moved from S to M to L to XL to XXL over the last five years. Whoa. If only had it been some Candy Crush Levels, whatever that Candy Crush is.

That was the day I decided that enough was enough. But, there was a part of the brain (??!!) that kept insisting on me taking it easier and slower. Of course, **that** part of the brain required some attention too, didn’t it? So, I’ve taken it easier and slower. Made some easy rules for myself.

Rule 1 – Try not using motorized means of transport for just dropping the kids to the apartment gate. Brisk walk for about half an hour in the morning for at least 4 days a week.

Rule 2 – Every time you see food, don’t attack it like you’ve never seen it before.

Rule 3 – Try new fruits and vegetables; not new restaurants.

Rule 4 – It is okay to spend some effort in boiling half a litre of milk extra and shoving some calcium down your throat. Although, the easier route would be to just hand extra packets to the maid and earn karma points. Remember, karma doesn’t give you calcium; only milk does.

Rule 5 – Half a minute work of soaking some moong and letting them sprout over the next day earns the supermarket guy at least  a fifteen rupee profit. Grab the opportunity to save on the fifteen rupees and spend a quarter kilo of your weight instead.

Rule 6 – It is okay to indulge yourself with a couple of pieces of dairy milk or a buffet at Little Italy occasionally. Only, we need to remember that occasions happen occasionally; not daily.

Rule 7 – Sometimes, horror stories are good. Buy a weighing machine and keep track of the horror that is weight. It gives you the impetus to work hard.

Rule 8 – Overnight results are only possible in ‘Before’-‘After’ adverts of newspapers. The only magic wand available in this world in ‘hard work’.

Rule 9 – Fitness is a journey; not a destination. It is not possible to diet ‘for a period of time’ and then let it loose. Won’t work, baby! So, have a diet plan in place for life. An everyday-doable-diet plan.

I’ve been following almost all the rules over the past four months and lost close to 3 kgs. Right. So much of gyan and only 3 kgs.

Moral of the story – Slow and steady wins the race.