, ,

… are places where ..

– you find vethalai paaku in sync with paav bhaji;

– the groom does ‘namaskaram’ in a coat-suit-tie;

– more gold is present than that in the Padmanabaswamy temple;

– mamas and mamis talk about iPads and weekend plans;

– the vathiyar mama is happy to do the rituals over skype;

– petty squabbles are covered up using fake smiles;

– mamis use mascarra and lipstick and then drape the madisar;

– NRI kids still suffering from jet-lag are made to eat pappu mum-mum at eleven in the night;

– hundred odd plates are kept as ‘seer’ on display;

– iPads, cameras, mobile phone carrying mamas line up on the stage to capture the ‘thaali-katra’ moment;

 – mama’s from both sides compete with each other to lift the verrrrr-heavy bride and groom for maalai maatral;

– you can hear ‘kaapi saaptela’ and ‘tiffin aidutha’ every 2 minutes;

 – foreign perfumes, chocolates and watches are a part of the ‘seer’;

– the bride and the groom’s side girls compete with each other to sing ‘oonjal’ songs;

– you can hear the TamBrahm youth chattering away in English about which colleges to apply for an MS in the US;

– matches for prospective grooms and brides are made by mamis and mamas;

– sounds of ‘mattupon vandhaala’ and ‘maplai vandhaara’ reverberate throughout the hall for a full 10 minutes after muhurtham;

– ‘Ponnu konjam colour korachal’ is almost a standard phrase;

– there is unlimited entertainment even if the rituals are exhausting and irrelevant as of now.