– I’ve been wanting to write so much and yet so little time. Vacations. Yay. (not)

 – This Christmas, we decided to surprise the kids with a gift. No below-the-tree and all that. In fact, no tree at all. We just left the gifts beneath the kids’ pillows and voila.. they woke up with, ‘Ma.. Look.. Santa has given us presents. But we don’t have a chimney at home? How did he come home?’ While, the real Santa was snoring in the other room.

 – I am running out of ideas to keep the kids occupied throughout the day. Yes.. We play. A lot. We read. A lot. We watch TV. **gulp** A lot. And, we sleep. A lot. And, after this, we get bored. A lot. Sigh.

 – I am reading ‘Conversations with Mani Ratnam’ by Bharadwaj Rangan. Having heard a lot about the book, now, I actually get to read what the entire hype was all about. I have three more chapters erm films to go, Guru, Ravan and Kadal to be precise, and will then post a review. Which will definitely be good.

 – Staying on books, the in-house Santa sanctioned me more books for Christamas. The fact that I got a few just before Christmas, notwithstanding. Which means, there is a big pile unread. Which also means, I am a happy happy mommy.

 – The waking up at 5am routine has gone for a toss. And, so has my morning walk routine. Cold. Vacation. Laziness. Enough reasons?

 – I watched half of Aarambam. Too much dishyoom dishyoom. Too much.

 – Uncertainty has reared its head upon us again. Life is such a thriller movie. I don’t think it is worth complaining. The only thing worth doing is getting used to it.