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Completing a challenge never fails to boost your ego. And a little bit of ego doesn’t hurt, does it?!

Let’s bring our blogs back in action. Celebrate words. Have some fun reading others’.

All of this with Blogathon 2014.

Blogathon 2014

Blogathon 2014

Here are the list of bloggers participating in this blog marathon – (The order is blogger name – blog name – blog url)

1. Maya – Maya..The eternal dreamer – https://dreamymommy.wordpress.com/
2. R’s Mom – R’s Mom.. Not so new mom learning the ropes – http://readingthroughrsmind.wordpress.com/
3. Summer script – summerscript – http://summerscript.wordpress.com/

4. Tharani – Onarollercoasterride.. Ups and Downs of My life – http://onarollercoasterride.wordpress.com/
5. Jayshree – My Little Girl – http://luvmybaby.blogspot.in/
6. Scribblehappy – ScribbleHappy.. Musings of an Unknown Indian – http://musingsofanunknownindian.wordpress.com/
7. Sapna – Sapna’s Blog.. Food, Life & Tech – http://dreamysap.wordpress.com/

8. Archana – For What Its Worth. – http://musingsanddoodlings.blogspot.in/
9. Deepa – Know me better.. My life from my viewpoint – http://knowmebetter.wordpress.com/
10. Ramblifixion – Of all things inconsequential.. My space. My thoughts. Randomness. – http://ramblifixion.wordpress.com/
11. Jay – After a storm comes a calm.. This blog is about a person who has everything in life-the great, good, bad and ugly – 
12. Bingo – Bingo.. random thoughts of a mother, woman, wife – http://momsince27.wordpress.com/
13. Sangeetha – Bumps n Baby.. A to Z of motherhood and everything associated – http://www.bumpsnbaby.com/
14. Richa – Clouds-Rain-And-Sunshine – http://clouds-rain-and-sunshine.blogspot.ae/
15. Antara – A mom’s diary.. where is reward is pure love – http://themomofangels.wordpress.com/ 
16. Megha – “Whatever.. Chumps” – http://www.whateverchumps.blogspot.in/
17. More Than Words  – mylifenthoughts.. where dreams collide with reality – http://mylifenthoughts.wordpress.com/

18. Zarine – Maybe In Madras – http://maybeinmadras.wordpress.com/
19. Ani –  Between my littles and me.. Daily happenings and conversation between my littles and me – http://anisnest.wordpress.com/
20. Swati – Art and Culture.. A blog on art, culture, music, entertainment, food and travel – http://swati1012.wordpress.com/
21. lifewithasparklingsoul – Happiness Unveiled.. my effort to unveil happiness – http://happinessunveiled.wordpress.com/
22. Ramya – Sweet Mixture – http://sweeetmixture.blogspot.in/
23. The Doting Mom – The Doting Mom – http://thedotingmom.wordpress.com/

24. RS – lifeslittletwists.. Life’s lessons in progress – http://lifeslittletwists.wordpress.com/
25. VJ – Memoirs To Cherish – http://memoirs2cherish.blogspot.in/
26. Sreetama –   sreetamadatta – http://sreetamadatta.wordpress.com/
27. Greenboochi – From the editions of greenboochi.. reflection of my life – http://editionsofgreenboochi.wordpress.com/
28. Smitha – Any Excuse to Write.. 
Just an excuse to write… anything that catches my fancy..  – http://wordsndreamz.wordpress.com/
29. Ashwathy – C’est la vie, mon ami! – http://thatslifemyfriend.wordpress.com/
30. D’s mom – D’s mom – http://zippinthrulife.blogspot.in/
31. kg3 – kidzone.. There is only one beautiful child in this world and every mom has it. I have two. – http://kg3kidzone.blogspot.in/
32. Simplegirl – One Amazing thing – http://scarlet-oneamazingthing.blogspot.in/
33. mundanemomentsofmylife – mundanemomentsofmylife – http://mundanemomentsofmylife.wordpress.com/
34. Shachi – Expressions.. My journal of musings, mommyhood, experiences, travel and much more – http://shachi18.blogspot.in/
35. Ashreyamom – archikishPrism.. An ordinary detail gets further from the eye – http://ashreyamom.wordpress.com/
36. DI – And that’s what it’s all about..Exactly what you were looking for – http://foreverinbluejeans.wordpress.com/
37. techie2mom – techie2mom.. Zini, me & life in general – http://techie2mom.wordpress.com/
38. Deepika – D diaries.. Changing with the changing times – http://dipisblog.blogspot.in/
39. Garima – lampsnitlight – http://lampnitslight.wordpress.com/
40. Sana – Anda-curreau – http://anda-curreau.blogspot.ae/
41. Seema3 – Endeavours – http://myendeavours.blogspot.in/
42. Chattywren – Daily dose of chaos – http://wrenwarbles.blogspot.be/
43. Telugumom – The Beat in my heart.. Sharing my heart with the world – http://beatinmyheart.wordpress.com/
44. Glimpsesandglances – Glimpses N Glances – http://anuscribbles.wordpress.com/
45. kinmin – Sunshine and Rainbows – http://kinminsworld.wordpress.com/
46. aarya – Finally she speaks.. Anything and Everything – http://keepcalmandjustwrite.wordpress.com/
47. Little Fingers – Little Fingers Life – http://weourlife.wordpress.com/
48. Swati – The Straight Forward Girl.. A journey called life – http://thestraightforwardgirl.wordpress.com/
49. Lifesong – Life is a song of love – http://lifeissongoflove.wordpress.com/
50. Monkey Mind – Monkey Mind – http://janusramblings.wordpress.com/
51. Maddie – Silent thoughts – http://wordingmythoughts.wordpress.com/
52. Eloquent mind – Life.. As it is.. Everlasting experiences, random rants & scores of scriblings.. – http://momentsilike.blogspot.com/
53. Pepper – A dash of Pepper.. with a splash of Mint – http://pepperedthoughts.wordpress.com/
54. Rashmi – Just Another Mommy – http://rashworld.wordpress.com/
55. Sreeja Praveen – The Alter Ego – http://thealertmind.blogspot.ae/
56. soulsearchingdays – The Balancing Act – http://www.soulsearchingdays.blogspot.in/
57. Chipmunk – rattythegameworm..the blossom that still blooming – http://rattythegameworm.wordpress.com/
58. wishesgalore – Dreams, memoirs & everything in between – http://mywishesgalore.blogspot.in/
59. The Blue Cherry – The Blue Cherry – http://thebluecherry.wordpress.com/
60. Pee Vee – Confessions of the chocolate obsessed – http://www.priyankavictor.blogspot.in/
61. Me – Bringing up mom – http://bringing-up-mom.blogspot.in/
62. Gayathri Manikandan – The Unspoken words – http://beinggaya3.blogspot.in/

Right.. That’s the list of bloggers who would be participating in this marathon. Clap. Clap. Clap. And, a big thank you. 

Now, for the rules and prompts –

1. A post should be written every day in the month of January 2014. That is, from Jan 1 to Jan 31, 2014.
2. Picture posts are allowed too.
3. In case you have 2 blogs, you can post in either of them.
4. Prompts for every day have been provided at the end of this post. You can either use these prompts and make posts or you can post on your own. A combination should also work. Anything to get us post through the month! **smiles**
5. Four extra prompts have been provided. This is for those who do not wish/like to use the prompt of a particular day but would like a prompt, nevertheless.

Here are the prompts –

1. Resolutions – New Year Resolutions – Do you make them and keep them? Or make them and not keep them? Or don’t make them at all?
2. Introspection – The year that went by – Good, bad, ugly?
3. Weather – What are you? Rain child or a hot bird?
4. Achievement – What do you think is your greatest achievement in life till now?
5. Bucket List – What does your Bucket list consist of?
6. Books – What was the last book you read? Did you like it?
7. Music – Music is mesmerizing if it is Loud. Not?
8. Fun day – How would you describe a fun day in your life?
9. Incomplete – You would be incomplete without ___________ (a person/place/thing/trait)
10. Films – Are you a movie person? Masala or art? If none, why?
11. Regret – Is there some big decision in your life that you’d have taken differently, that would’ve changed your life? Are there any regrets that you have till today?
12. Cooking – How much is cooking a part of your routine? Is it a nasty chore or an enjoyable one?
13. Role model – Do you think role models are important in life? Who is your role model? Have you emulated them in any form?
14. Blogging – Why do you blog? Which blogger is your biggest motivation? Are there any underrated blogs that you’d like others to know?
15. Siblings – Do you have siblings? How does having (or not) having a sibling make a difference?
16. Social media – How do you rate social media? Has the change been for the good or not?
17. Patriotism – Define patriotism. How do you draw the line between patriotism and jingoism?
18. Being a guest – The first thing that you’d notice on being a guest to someone’s house is  _____________. Why so?
19. Mother tongue books – What is the best book you’ve read in your mother tongue yet? If you haven’t read any, why?
20. Sports – Do you like to watch sports or play them? Which is your favourite?
21. Politics – How do you see the Indian political system after the emergence of AAP? Still cynical or is it optimistic?
22. Life saver – If there is one food stuff, you can’t live without, what is it?
23. Cuisine – What do you think (apart from your own!) is the best ever cuisine you’ve tasted? Do you experiment with eating different kinds of food or stick on to your staples?
24. Technology – Do you think the development in technology is for the good or worse? Or are you neutral?
25. Indian of 2014 – Who do you tip as the Indian (any field) to look forward to in 2014? Why?
26. Bore – Which of the daily chores bore you to the chore? If none, then why?
27. Childhood friends – Do you still share your likes/dislikes with your childhood friends? Or, have both of you changed enough to not share anything much?
28. Laughter – When was the last time you laughed till you have had tears in your eyes?
29. Travel – If you were allowed to travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
30. Beauty contests – Do you think beauty contests are good? Bad? or are you don’t really care?
31.  This far – The journey of blogging marathon this far. How did it feel like?

32.  Procrastination – What have you been postponing doing something out of unknown fear?
33. Dare – Do you dare to be in the panel with Arnab on the News Hour?
34. Beauty – What is the most beautiful thing that you’ve ever seen in your life?
35. Time of the day – Are you a morning person or a night owl? Why?

I am attaching the above image of ‘Blogathon 2014’ on the sidebar of this blog linking it to this post, which will act as a ready-reference to the prompts and will also serve as a one-stop-shop for reading the day’s posts.

If anyone else (apart from those in the above list) wishes to join in or we’ve inadvertently left out your name from the list (sorry!), please drop in comment to this post expressing your interest and I shall update the list here accordingly. You can also email either of us – R’s Mom at readingrsmind@gmail.com or me at mommydreamy@gmail.com and we can add you into this gig.

There.. That’s it, I suppose. All the best. Let’s rock! 🙂