.. for the New Year’s eve? asks a poster on the outside of my apartment. Pay a few hundred bucks and there will be entertainment for all and sundry, it proudly announces. Dance, DJ, Games and more it says.

We walk past it almost every day and still choose to ignore it. Does this mean we have better plans? Of course, not.Β We, as a family, love our bit of solitude. Family solitude, I’d like to call it. The loud noise and the crowd at these parties only intimidate us.

Today, we all like to sit down and do what we did last year and what we’d do for the next year and for years to come.

Just. Have. Fun.

By playing pretend. By watching Peppa Pig. By colouring incoherently. By making paper butterflies and paper boats. By asking Amma what is there to eat every fifteen minutes. By eating the yummy sabudana vada that Amma’s going to make. By taking a stroll outside. By bringing the sand from the playground into the house. By wearing shoes and socks for no reason at all. By sleeping until nine in the morning.Β By indulging in sudden splurges of love and hugging each other. By asking Appa what does a ‘New Year’ mean.

New Year means beginnings. New Year means happiness. New Year means love. New Year means togetherness.

With that, here’s wishing you all good health and happiness in this new year. May 2014 live up to its expectations!