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I didn’t make any resolutions last year, except one – control my temper, even though I knew I’d fail miserably at that. Which, I did. Sigh. This year I want to push myself (with some small ones and a couple or more of big ones), at not just making resolutions but at keeping them. At least most of them. **Fingers crossed**

1. First up, a biggie. Lose 15 pounds by end of year. Looks big. But, if I break it down month-on-month, becomes 1.25 pounds a month, which is 0.56kg. Half a kilogram a month sounds doable. No?!

2. Increase the morning walk time from half an hour to an hour and five days a week.

3. Restart yoga.

4.Β Wake up at five in the morning.

5. Meditate. Every day.

6. Eat less of outside food.

7. Experiment with more cuisines. Not only eating, but also cooking!

8. Bake different stuff.

9. Reduce computer screen time.

10. Spend quality time with the husband and kids. More of crafting and reading and aimlessly loitering with the kids. More of talking without getting into an argument with the husband.

11. Make that extra effort to bond with the in-laws and accept them for who they are. If I cannot change myself at 30, they definitely can’t at 70. Period.

12. Scream at people (read, husband and kids) less often.

13. Wash hair thrice a week. **sheepish smile**

14. Read more. More variety of books.

15. Learn to drive the car (fearlessly). After all, what would happen by driving a car? But, look at the benefits of being independent. This year, lady. This year for sure.

16.Β Learn a few words of Telugu. May be, about five hundred words. At least, five hundred words.

17. Kick start voluntary work.

18. Prepare for CFA. Give a shot, at at least a couple of papers this year.

19. Stop judging others. Everyone has a reason on why they do certain things in a certain manner. Do not, I repeat, do not put yourself in their shoes. That’s unwarranted.

20. Make more friends.

21. Do the laundry regularly. Sounds abstract. Every day. EVERYDAY.

22. Try to be happy and content. There is no point being whiny. It’s nice (to yourself) to be happy. After all, you have things which so many others don’t. So, be happy, damnit!

I know I’d gone a little overboard with twenty two resolutions. If I can make ten work, then at least ten struck off my huge list. If I can make at least fifteen work, then I should be there. If I could make all of them happen, happy happy.