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.. from my household.

The husband and me have discussed a big problem over a full day. We had vowed to ask around a few people to find a good solution. It’s about the kids’ education which makes it more worrisome.

The next morning, after the morning madness of getting the kids ready, sending them to school and half an hour walk routine, I enter the house. The husband comes up to me.

Husband – Guess what.. I found the perfect solution.

I look at him with bated breath.

Husband – We need to get almond oil, olive oil, castor oil and coconut oil, mix them all and use it twice a day. Then, I’ll be a able to stop hair fall.

I almost am about to snap. He refuses to give up.

Husband – Don’t you worry. I’ll give some of it to you too.

Quite obviously, my palm meets my face!


We are sitting down and translating fruit and vegetable names from Tamil to English.

Vazhai Pazham, the husband says. Pat comes the answer from Kuttan – Banana.

Goyya pazham. Guava.

Dhirathchai. Grapes.

Sathukudi. Rasam.

Of course, he has confused sathumadu with sathukudi. And, rasam is English? Really? Sigh.

(P.s. – The iyengar lingo for rasam is ‘satru-amudhu’, which is saru-juice, amudhu-nectar. A nectar like tasteful juice. What an apt name, no?!)