Okay.. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now. I love mouthing dialogues from Tamil movies in real life. Certain films are so close to the heart only because of dialogues.

I thought, so why not test how popular are my favourite dialogues. I know a lot of few readers who are Tamil here. So, thought this would work. I shall give 10 different dialogues and you have to give the right film name.

You can drop in the answers in the comment section of this post. And, after about, say 5 days ie. on the 17th – Friday, I shall publish the comments and the winner with the answers. Works?

Here we go!

1. Sattai-la enna bommai? Poonai saar. Adhula enna perumai? Get out!

2. Oh.. Sattai meley evlo buttons!

3. Nallavangala Aandavan Sodhippaan, Kaivudamaattan. Kettavangalukku Andavan Neraya Kuduppaan, Aana Kai Vuttuduvaan

4. Adi, Odhai, Thiruttukkum Econometrics-kum Romba Dooram

5. En pondaatti oorukku poitta!

6. Kadavul illainu naan sollalai. Irundha nalla irukkumnu dhaan solren.

7. Indha kOttai thaandi neeyum varakoodAdhu.. Naanum vara maatten. Pechu pecha dhan irukkanum.

8. Kadaiseela ennaiyum arasiyalvaadhi aakitaangale!

9. Tomorrow vacating Bangalore. Going hotel away. Go go go go. One nimit. Catch my point!

10. What she is telling? Ava love-a sonna! Why blood? Same blood!

All the best! And, have fun! 🙂