… the whole concept of ‘what others will think of us’ is ridiculous;

… if we are so conscious about what others will think of us, we shouldn’t forget the fact that the ‘others’ would think the same way too;

… living a life thinking how to please others will only result in neither pleasing them nor pleasing our own selves;

… once we start acting to please others, then will be forced to live our entire lives only acting;

… it is okay to stand by certain things you like rather than what the world says, as long as it is not illegal/immoral;

… although we would want to be ourselves most of the time, there are times when we try to please others even without our knowing;

… it is high time we started asking ‘why’ instead of just following instructions;

… respect should be earned; not ordered; (Yeah.. I borrowed this from Dr. Radhakrishnan!)

… the best way of protesting is not with our mouth; but with our actions.