Okay.. I am making this a new post ‘cos it wouldn’t appear in your reader, otherwise. If it doesn’t, then how will you come to know about the answers to my earth shattering questions. **wink** That reason I made up. Of course, you know the real reason. I had to post something every day and torture you, right? **wink again**

The winner of this quiz getting 10 on 10 is Bingo. Applause. Applause. I know this one was such a jujube quiz, at least for Bingo! Awesome, ma’am! From the next time onward, I shall make the questions a little more difficult.

ETA – On Ani’s request, I shall have the other participant’s scores published too, in the order of their rankings –
greenboochi – 9/10. She lost out on MMKR. How can you, GB? πŸ˜‰
Gayathri – 9/10 again. Winner was what you missed, Gayathri.
Archana – 9/10 again. Mudhalvan it was, Archana. Congrats to your husband!
Tharani – 7/10. The last one was ‘Manadhai Thirudi Vittai’ Tharani. The ‘theriyum aana theriyaadhu’ types!
Monkey Mind – 6/10.
Ani – 6/10.

Now, for the answers..

1. Thillu Mullu. The cult movie, which although a remake. made a mark for our own Thalaivar’s comic style and timing. The AAK Indran with that villian look wins hands down. This dialogue though was uttered by our great Sri RamaChandraMoorty erm Thengai Srinivasan. What a man!

2. Singara Velan. One of Kamal’s earliest comedy entertainers. The combination of Gounder and Vadivelu works like a charm coupled with Kamal’s certainly funny double entendres. And, the awesome Aachi Manorama. Vadivelu says this dialogue in the restaurant when they go to meet Kushboo.

3. Baasha. Cannot think of a bigger blockbuster than Baasha for Thalaivar. Yes, Enthiran and Padaiyappa are awesome too. But, nothing comes close to Baasha. Every punch is super punch. Have you seen a flashback within a flashback that works? If not, watch Baasha.

4.Β Mouna Raagam. What can I say about the movie that has not been said already? The gorgeous Revathi, the insanely good Β Mohan or the charming Karthik? Each of them are awesome in their own way. Revathi mouths this dialogue when talking to Karthik in their first date!

5. Agni Natchathram. The cult dialogue by Janakaraj when his wife leaves to her mom’s place. I am not a big fan of this comedy track with VKR but this dialogue has somehow stuck on.

6. Dasavatharam. As usual, Kamal at his intellectual best. No compromises, whatsoever. Oh yes.. Ten roles could’ve been quite a bit too much. But just for the character of Balaram Naidu, his ten roles shall be appreciated. This dialogue comes after the Tsunami, when Asin asks him about his atheist beliefs.

7. Winner. If not for Vadivelu, this movie could’ve landed up no where. Oh God.. The Kaipullai-Kattadurai combo can never be repeated again. Vadivelu’s high days, those. Now, though… Sigh.

8. Mudhalvan. A movie worth watching how many ever times, I don’t know. Handsome Arjun and charismatic Raghuvaran lead the movie forward; although a wrinkled Manisha could’ve been avoided. Pugazhendi, Thenmozhi, Ambalavanan, Mayakrishnan… What beautiful names, Shankar. But, the definite big-master of this movie is Sujatha sir. What dialogues, I say. You just had a sample here!

9. Michael Madana Kamarajan or MMKR. Cult movie. Period. Crazy Mohan rocked this movie. If Thirukkural tells you how to behave in every situation of life, MMKR provides the requisite dialogues. What? Catch my point!

10. Manadhai Thirudi Vittai. Another solo winner by Vadivelu. And, Vivek. Although I am not a big fan of the Bruce episode, I love ‘sing in the rain’. What a time this man, Vadivelu had, then!

Until we meet next time for a quiz more tougher than this, you shall be subjected to the regular daily boring torture posts of mine. Adios!