Tharani wrote about her blogging confessions here. I remember reading about Pepper’s take on blogging some time ago too. Borrowing the idea from these two ladies, here are my thoughts on blogging..

– I write extensively about parenting, yet I don’t want that to define me. I want to write about things that I am fond of and not consider restricting myself as a mother only.

 – This time around, I’ve vowed to myself that I shall not write about our lives much. Like, a live commentary of what I am doing or the kids’ milestones. I hope not to turn this blog into an online diary; although I’m sure there’ll be lot of readers for something like that.

 – I’m slowly getting into the act of being myself. That’s why this blog is anonymous no more. I really don’t care who reads it anymore. My life blog; my rules.

 – There are some posts of mine that I read later and am proud of myself. And, there are some more which make me feel like hanging myself.

 – I just cannot post something without proof reading at least once. There are posts that I’ve read about a fifteen times and yet find some mistake after publishing.

 – I do not like too many smileys in my posts. Though I like a lot of smileys in the comments. 😉

 – There was a time when I really judged blogs for their language or the lack of it, thereof. From there, I’ve come a long way now. I tend to ignore the superficial grammatical errors and just concentrate on the content.

 – I love comments. Every time I see a comment or a like, I feel elated, rather vindicated by the belief that certain thoughts of mine are accepted by others too. I am hoping to reach that state wherein I write for myself and do not care about comments. However, that looks like a long way to go.

 – There are some blogs that I lurk around on but do not comment ‘cos of a feeling of intimidation. I’ve silently withdrawn from commenting in such blogs although feeling the need to disagree with the blogger. And, there are times when I’ve really wished to compliment people, then shied away ‘cos of some belittled fear. I really don’t know why.

 – There are a lot of times I feel guilty of not commenting enough on certain blogs. Some of my blog friends here comment on almost every post of mine but I do not do that for various reasons. It is not that I don’t want to. For one, I do not know what to comment on certain posts; even though I love the post. Two, I might not agree with their PoV but do not wish to disagree with them; this happens rarely, though. Three, I do not feel like commenting at that time but fail to come back to the post later.

 – I am really not as knowledgeable as I come across on this blog. (This is for you, Bingo!) 

 – I am not a very good parent as many of you think I am. Yes.. I have some qualities of a parent that I am proud of, but, there are many more that I am not and wish to change in the future.

So, well.. What are your blogging confessions?