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…is my apartment email group. These emails are a positive kind of entertainment wherein I have nothing to worry about vacation pictures or promotion updates.

A lot of times, these emails are informative. Like, when you are in dire need of a washing machine and someone posts about a ‘used one time only’ washing machine. Or, an apartment-mate enlightens us that their house’s electricity charges are much lesser than the common area electricity charges.

Sometimes, the email chains are plain hilarious. When the entire group is talking about some burning need for decency et all, there will for sure be an email about a beautiful flat in the outskirts of Bombay for sale. I also tend to laugh a lot at the language and grammar in such emails. One of them, the other day, had wanted a reference in the nearby ‘Citigen’s hospital’. I’ve seen people substitute ‘g’ for ‘z’ while talking, but this was the first instance I was seeing substitutes in writing too.

Most of the time, these emails make me think a lot, even though I am a mere spectator. Some time ago, there was a photograph of an elderly person (from behind, though) plucking flowers with the email titled, ‘Do not pluck flowers!’. To this, there were so many people defending the elder saying it was for God and so plucking flowers was okay. These are flowers not grown at our own apartments but in the common area which is maintained by the apartment. While I was thinking if this act was right, I realized we pay for the common area too. Does that mean plucking flowers is okay? Just because we pay the maintenance charges every month, can we urinate anywhere in the apartment premises?

While this was one point, the other condemned the photographer saying that he had no right to take the picture without the elder’s permission. So, with whose permission was the elder plucking flowers? Then, there were others who tried to argue saying such small issues need not be discussed while there are bigger ones like blocking the pedestrians with vehicles and some such. Can we right a wrong with another wrong? I think it is the most baseless way of arguing. In the end, the email chain has temporarily ended with how candle light vigils are just lip services and nothing more.

I do not know what happened mid-way for it to end with such staunch opinions as I lost interest in this issue and began reading about a fight between the parents of two children on how a walkover was misconstrued as win in the apartment Table Tennis championships.

Reasons aplenty to not miss Facebook. Long live apartments. Long live people who have access to emails. And, long live burning issues.