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… because that is my state of mind right now. Random!

– When I scroll down my New Year Resolutions list, I feel so miserable. My morning walk routine has gone for a toss, thanks to the cold and cough. Similarly, meditation and yoga. Sigh. The only New Year resolution which I am going good on is one that I thought was so far fetched. I do not want to disclose it here and jinx it. I shall wait for sometime.

– Did you watch the Rafa-Stan match at the Aus Open? I did and felt Rafa was in too much drama mode for Sivaji Ganesan to be proud of. Stan played like a man possessed. The trophy was destined to reach his hands.

– Took the kids to a story telling session for the first time. The story was about a small boy Abdul who grows up with the dream of launching rockets and finally ends up becoming the President of India. A craft session in the end where the kids made rockets with empty plastic bottles was also a part of the plan. While none of the parents were around for the session, I was the only one sitting there as my children refused to let me go. But then, it was their first session and so I obliged. And, am glad I did as the kids had so much fun.

– Birthday parties of kids are so much fun. So not. And, I attended a couple of them this month. Enough said, already? Or may be, it warrants a separate post.

– I watched two movies last week. One, Padayappa. I don’t know how many times I’ll watch this film. Thalaivar is like a magnet pulling us towards the movie. What a man! (P.S.- Sad that Abbas has to earn his living by going around washing toilets in front of cameras, no?) And, the next – Abhiyum Naanum. People around me call it a sentimental crap. In fact, I know it is for sure such an emotional roller coaster, but I still love it. There is something about this relationship between dad and daughter. But beyond that, I love the Ravi Shastri episodes in the movie. It is guaranteed that I cry every time I watch the movie.

– Another snack turn is coming up this week and I am dreading the day already. Hundred idlis, it shall be.

– There are some posts in my mind which I am not sure if I should be writing. Apart from those controversial posts, my thoughts-stream has totally dried up with no ideas for the rest of the blogathon days. And, ‘cos it is only another three days, I don’t want to give up. Beware, for you may get such random nonsense for the next three days, too.