**Thank you Archana. Your comment inspired me to write this post!**

I’ve been brought up in a family where speaking politics has been a pastime. We’d dig in to every state’s politics, what made them change alliances, what made them stick on to them, why should someone come to power, why shouldn’t someone be in power and so on. Even now, I love doing it with my dad and brother. My parents have never shied away from voting. Me.. Well, I’ve voted a couple of times but then, moving countries, cities, homes and the like, I haven’t really gotten a chance to do that off late. I hope to vote this time around at least, if circumstances permit at that.

Anyway, the prelude says that this post is about politics. ย Indeed, it is. I was watching the Rahul Gandhi-Arnab interview on Monday and it is an understatement to say that it raised a lot of chuckles. I was on the floor laughing while my hands were typing out stuff on Twitter. But, somehow, the mind boggles thinking about the options we have in hand three months down the line. Rahul Gandhi. Narendra Modi. Arvind Kejriwal. **shudder**

I’ve heard a lot of Rahul jokes. At that time, I didn’t believe in these jokes completely. You know, there is always bound to be some bit of exaggeration; or so I thought. But, after the interview, I guess I was wrong. And, the jokers were right. There is a thin line between being innocent and being dumb. Period.

He could’ve answered most of the questions logically, if not intelligently. When questioned about the 1984 riots, the least he could’ve done is apologized for it; instead of saying that he wasn’t a part of it. How can a person who doesn’t wish to take responsibility for his party’s acts, be responsible for a country of billion people? When questioned on Modi, the least he could’ve done is just repeated what the Prime Minister has said earlier; instead of beating around the bush. How can a person who cannot talk coherently talk to foreign Premiers about our country? When he was questioned about Kejriwal and the AAP, the least he could’ve done is given credit for the party’s quick rise to power; instead of blabbering something in the lines of ‘Kejriwal is the leader of the opposition’. How can a man who doesn’t know who is coalition and opposition be eligible to head the largest democracy in the world? When he was questioned on anything for that matter, the least he could’ve done is just answer to the point; instead of talking complete nonsense like women’s empowerment and system changes. How can someone who doesn’t know to be concise and logical make for a good PM? When he was approached by Arnab for the interview, the least he could’ve done is research and read up on his own family history; instead of panicking and making a fool of himself (and the poor interviewer!)

It is not that I am pro Modi. No.. I am not. I may not have heard him enough or read about him enough, but the fact that he chose to preside over a mass killing in the name of religion makes me shudder to think of the possibility of handing over the national baton to him. (Although the possibility looks like an eventuality now!) How different would we be then from our extremist neighbour; except that the religions in the two countries are different? Again, shudder.

And, then comes AAP. Well.. Well.. Well.. I did have a lot of expectations. By a lot, I mean a LOT. I am not sure they’ve broken down all of it, but I don’t think they’ve lived up to mine. May be, they need some time. However, I’m afraid we don’t have any; ย the elections are months away. I thought of Arvind to be a Mudhalvan Arjun, but he seems to be like Ko Ajmal. Sigh.

Anyway, as usual, our destiny is to choose the best amongst the worst. The battle is now between Idiocy, Communalism and Confusion. Okay.. Let’s put the seriousness aside and laugh some.ย Here are some of my (popular) tweets from the Arnab – Rahul Gandhi interview. Enjoy!

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