In my quest to write about this and that, I’ve forgotten why I started to blog in the first place. My children. It suddenly struck me that over the last month or so, I haven’t written anything about the kids. Of course there are conversations, memories, incidents, problems and so much more that I have to.

For one, I hate to see the kids grow up. They are becoming independent day by day that my involvement is getting minimal. Of course, this is exactly what I wanted, didn’t I? How this heart longs for a reverse now. The children know their schedules, sometimes, even better than me. They brush by themselves. They’d love to bathe by themselves, but you know their mum doesn’t want to give away the pleasure of doing that. They clothe themselves up. Here, I need to digress to speak about the daughter.

Ammu loves to dress up. We were at a wedding last month and the way she wanted to deck her up made me go awww sometimes and aeeee sometimes. The wedding morning, my inlaws, the husband, Kuttan and even me (trying to tie a saree..) were all ready except Ammu. She didn’t want the yellow pavadai I had taken to the mandapam. And, there was nothing else to wear. Huge tantrum. Screaming. Crying. Calming. Cuddling. All happened before we stepped down to see that half the kalyanam was over. She loves painting her nails. Mine too! The other day, she was taking a lot of time to wake up. (what’s new, anyway!) So, I tried using the nail polish as a bait and told her, once she is back from school, I’ll paint her nails purple. I thought the bait worked. Alas, the joke had to come back on me. How, you ask. ‘Amma.. Do I get a new purple dress to go with my purple nail polish?’ The husband hearing this laughs, while I almost faint.

She loves wearing the same dress again and again. Frocks, at that. A beautiful pink party wear gown got as a present is being worn day in and day out to the park that now it looks brown. Everyday, before going to school, she never forgets to remind me which frock I should wash and keep ready before she is back.

She is still the sweet toothy person refusing to eat anything even remotely spicy. We are trying to get her taste new stuff but it works one out of twenty times, may be. She has gotten over her fear of water. Yay! She loves to play ‘pallanguzhi’. She loves to cook and is the mamma of her family of minnie mouse and zebra. She speaks butler English like only she can. ‘Amma.. This is too namuppu!’ ‘Amma.. I don’t like veyil!’ She loves to sing and will stop only when we scream at her unable to bear it. Needless to say, we love these sessions.

She makes sure I don’t miss being bossed around. I am very lazy when it comes to laundry and so there was a pile of clothes lying around the other day. Madam was as usual looking for her pink frock and got it from the pile. Then, she wanted her red socks but couldn’t find it. She comes to me for help and I try and give up too. That’s when I get a lecture. ‘See Amma.. Bigger clothes like frocks are easy to find in the pile. Socks are small, no? How can we find, tell me? That’s why the clothes should be in the cupboard!’ And, I stand there saying ‘Yes, sir’ like a Jawan before an officer.

Enough of Ammu, you say. Well.. Let’s talk about Kuttan, my boy. He is growing up to be a calm mature boy. This morning, I’d made my hundred idlis, sambar and chutney. I was done with these by 6 and the husband took over from there to make the buttermilk for I had to get the kids ready for school. The husband, accidentally switched on the mixie and the buttermilk spilled across the entire kitchen. I was mad. Kuttan slowly comes to me and says, ‘It’s okay, Amma. Appa did it my mistake only, no? If sambar has gone bad, we can manage with just the chutney!’ I was dumb struck. I hate to admit it, but he takes after his dad in this respect. And, I am thankful for that.

Kuttan is loving his chess games with the husband. It has become a weekend ritual now. But, I’m not allowed anywhere near the board. If I go near and suggest him moves, he’d ridicule me for my ignorance. What more does the husband needs to join in the fun? Sigh. He loves his swimming sessions. He loves his cycling races on Wii with his Amma primarily ‘cos he’d win on all occasions. He loves to play the snakes and ladders and the memory game. He can easily finish a fifty piece puzzle. We are slowly graduating to hundred piece ones. He is still a loner/dreamer and loves to play by himself. He loves reading books.

We were at Little Italy for lunch sometime ago. Kuttan was taking out olives one by one from his pizza and putting on Ammu’s plate The husband asked him to eat all the vegetables and told him that’s what will make him strong. We thought he didn’t like olives and so was putting everything in Ammu’s plate. You know what he says? ‘No Appa.. Ammu loves olives, no? That’s why I am giving her. Let her eat it, Appa! I am fine.’ The husband was awed.

One other day, while we were walking across the mall, we passed through a nail polish counter. He was walking in front of us with his dad, while Ammu and me were walking behind. He came running to us and called out, ‘Amma.. Let’s get some nail polish for Ammu!’ And, the duo runs across to choose the colours. While, I could only look up and utter a prayer asking God to keep them the same forever.