When I think about the entire madness of this blogging marathon today, it makes me feel elated and relieved. A kind of a passing the CA exams feel. Not really, but you know close to that.

What this marathon did to me has been unbelievable –

Every time I looked at something mundane as folding my clothes, my brain, okay.. whatever.. was thinking how to convert this into a post.

I went about speaking to a lot of people with the hope of getting something (offensive or otherwise **wink**) to write here.

I’d look at a bee sucking on a flower and I would curse myself for forgetting to getting a camera to capture the shot. By this time, my mind would’ve thought of a title for the post – When the flower blooms, the bees come uninvited.

I was happy I got invited for birthday parties ‘cos I could get some fodder to write. Let’s leave out the fact that I didn’t get much and so it didn’t get into words. Or may be, it will, later.

I would’ve composed twice the number of posts on my head than that with my keyboard. In fact, there are two posts in my drafts that I haven’t published!

I was hell bent on finishing this marathon somehow ‘cos I had run till mid way last year and given up. I didn’t want to repeat the failure. It was like provingΒ something to myself.

The stats of this newly begun blog snowballed into proportions like never before. Happy.. happy.. I discovered so many beautiful blogs as a result of this marathon. Beyond that, this marathon made a few bloggers come out from their hibernation. I am so glad for that.

If not for RM, this marathon could’ve ended up with just a small group of people participating. Thank you, RM. And, thank you all who participated. It sure was fun. Until next time, ciao.