I love confronting people. There is always a need in me to voice out my opinions. I may be right or wrong, but I need to say it aloud. Sometimes, I get into trouble for being this vociferous. But, that’s how I’ve been from time immemorial. However, this argumentative gene seems to be fading away. Not always, but sometimes. I don’t know if should be happy or sad. Sample these..

We see a school bus and get talking about how many different types of schools have sprung up. The school bus has the name appended with Grammar School.

Uncle – Look at the spelling of Grammar on the bus. Such people who don’t even know the right spelling of Grammar run schools.

I am standing there, reading and re-reading the words wondering what is wrong with the spelling. It is fine. I wanted to tell him he is wrong. But, I just smile and let it go.


We our entering our apartment and see our names on the name board outside. My dad’s name is my surname and my husband’s dad’s name is his surname.

Aunty – So, you haven’t changed your name after marriage?

Me – No. It’s Β just too very complicated. BTW, what do I make for dinner for you?

End of argument. Considered won!


It is evening and we are ideally supposed to light a diya and pray. Which, is a non-practice in our ‘work/play/cook is worship’ household.

Aunty – So, have you lit the diya?

Me – No aunty. You can do that and pray, if you’d wish to.

Aunty – So, in your mom’s place too, you don’t have this practice?

Me – Not really. They are pretty staunch religious people. Somehow, we (as in me and my brother) chose a different path for us. BTW, can you teach me to make proper phulkas, aunty? I somehow don’t seem to get it right!

End of discussion. No confrontation. Win-Win!


Aunty – We haven’t watched the Mahabharat in two days. But you know, there are a lot of discrepancies in the way this Mahabharat has been programmed. Like, where Arjun.. Oh wait.. I’m sure you will not know what Mahabharat is all about. Let it go.

I had to use all my effort to not burst out into my specialised sarcastic laughter.

Signs of growing old. Or, perhaps signs of growing up?!