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In the last post about kids, I realize I haven’t written much about how Ammu loves Kuttan too. You know, old age has made me forgetful! Anyway, here are some instances about the lou that Ammu shows for him. In the process, she does damage me too.

(Alert – All of these incidents happens around the bathroom. Beware!)

The husband’s aunt is bathing Ammu for Ammu insists that she’d not want to be bathed by me. While Kuttan wants me to bathe him. So, we wait while she gets her bath done. She loves water and would refuse to come out of it, usually. But, this time, you know what she tells the aunt..

‘Paati.. Close the shower, Paati. Else, Kuttan will not have enough hot water, no?!’

Of course. Paati is overcome with much emotion that she narrates it to me feeling overjoyed.


Kuttan is in the toilet while Ammu wants to have her share of chocolate. But, she is obliged to wait for Kuttan as that is the norm. I am in the kitchen doing something when I get a call from the toilet. I reach the toilet only to find a chocolate unwrapped. You know how a mother’s mind works, don’t you? So, I think Kuttan is eating his chocolate sitting on the potty. I confirm twice that he is not. That is when the Maharani deems it fit to intervene..

‘Amma.. Will anyone eat the chocolate sitting on the potty seat? Why are you confirming it so many times? Silly Amma!’

Silly Amma, it seems!


Again, I am bathing Kuttan while Ammu is outside drying her hair. Which means, the fan is switched on. The bathroom door is open for the sheer reason that Amma is not so confident about her daughter’s behaviour and wants to keep a tab of what she is doing. Suddenly, Ammu comes to close the door. I ask her not to. Of course, she has to have a reason for it..

‘Amma.. The fan is on in full speed. When Kuttan is bathing, wouldn’t he feel the cold wind blowing into the bathroom?!’

That’s right. What does Amma know about love, after all?!