Everyone in the blog world seem to be writing happy posts; except the whiny me. I wish to join the happiness bandwagon too. Being happy. Feeling happy. And, writing happy.

For one, I’ve started learning swimming again. A friend of mine in the apartment volunteered to teach me to get rid of my fear of water and here I am trying it. It’s just two days into the pool and I feel wonderful already. The first day I held on to the walls of the pool so tight that my hands refused to come up beyond about may be 30 degrees. The second day, I did let go a little, if not so much. My friend helped me float and made me walk through the pool to get rid of my fear. Also, she held on to my hands and made me wiggle my legs and much to my amazement, I kind of did it. I am trying to breathe out in the water which is proving harder than I anticipated. Every time, I feel scared, this friend of mine suggested that I think of song I like. So, I started humming Enthaara Enthaara from Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah everytime I felt afraid. Believe me, it did take most of the pressure off me. And now, whenever I listen to this song, I can only think of the pool and my antics there! Even if I don’t learn to swim completely, I’m glad that I am trying. So yes, happy happy!

Now, a couple of days ago we had some guests from the husband’s office for dinner. There were supposed to be six guests in total (four adults and two children) and so I had prepared food for ten (including us!). About thirty phulkas, paneer subzi, kaara kuzhambu, rasam, potato fry, vadams, carrot kosumalli and golub jamun. It took me close to four hours to finish this. The arrangement was this. The two guests from foreign will first go to the husband’s boss’ place in our apartment, finish their drinks and starters there and from there, would come to our house for dinner. What eventually happened was that the boss’ family citing some frivolous reason didn’t come home, which ended up with only four adults and two kids. I was really disappointed with all the effort that I had put in. But then, I consoled myself thinking I didn’t have to cook the next day for there were enough food left for us for an entire day. Also, I didn’t have to endure the boss’ wife for a couple of more hours who would end up hijacking almost every conversation of ours. Positive thinking!

Anyway, these two guests (one NRI, let’s call him M and one foreign lady) really enjoyed my food, which made it all the more easier for me to accept that my effort had not gone in vain. M kept saying that my husband has a lucky throat and couldn’t ask for anything more as my food was so good. I was over the moon for I’ve never received such a compliment earlier. I had to tell him how much hell the husband had endured before reaching this stage. We had a whale of time talking after the dinner; rather both of us together pulling the husband’s leg.

Yesterday, M left to the US and told the husband that he is indeed lucky to have me as his wife. The husband couldn’t stifle a laugh when he told this to me this morning. You know, all this while, the entire world and its cousin has only told me how lucky I am to have him as my husband. My paati goes to the extent of saying I have done too much punya in my earlier janman to get him as a husband and all. Even last week, we were at a birthday party of my husband’s colleague’s son. When we were about to leave, the host says, ‘Thanks for taking time to come and come this far. Good people like **insert husband’s name** are hard to get!’ Well.. Happy for this as well, but am happy to get a compliment too!

The next three months we are bracing ourselves for travel; one outstation every month. Happy happy!

So yeah.. enough happiness already? Before I jinx it, let me get ready for today’s poolside adventure. Happy weekend, y’all!