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It’s eleven fifteen now. The bed is yet to be made. Lunch is to be prepared. Dining table to be cleared after breakfast. Washing machine to be loaded. And, here I am sitting down to write this post, simply because I want to record this here. I know.. I know.. I promised not to write a live commentary of what is happening with my life. But, you know I am better at breaking promises than keeping them.

Yesterday was a roller coaster day. While I was on my regular swimming lessons, a friend called me to inform me that we’ll have a picnic-lunch with the kids at the park. She had prepared Poori and aloo for about five kids. By two thirty in the afternoon, we were all at the apartment park sitting on a mat and relishing the poori and aloo. The kids were playing in the park after a sumptuous lunch while Kuttan got his knee hurt for the second time in two days. It was a small scar which was bleeding and we attended to it and he was fine in the next five minutes.

After about an hour of park play, we moved to another friend’s home for coffee; this time with nine kids in tow. Hot hot coffee was savoured while the kids made a mess of the house. Again, another hour there and we were ready to go back to our places. Today was my daughter’s snack turn at school and so we decided to pick up some stuff for the food. On the way to the grocery store, Kuttan hurt himself again. A few dozen scratches right from behind his knee to the ankle. He is one kid who never cries even if he gets seriously hurt as against Ammu who’d howl even for a small bruise. But yesterday, he cried for a full hour. I am not sure if it was the place of the scratches that hurt him more, but I could see that the poor child was in pain. We ordered some pizza for dinner and the two of them dozed off.

We weren’t prepared to send Kuttan to school, today. Although not too serious, his scars had to heal before he would resume school. Today being Ammu’s snack turn, she had to go to school. It was not right calling some other parent at nine the previous night and asking them for a change in the snack day. So, we decided to send Ammu to school while Kuttan would be at home. This is Β a first. Earlier, either they used to go together or they’d stay at home together. Ammu didn’t fuss even a bit to go alone. Before she left, she asked Kuttan to take care of himself. Kuttan’s happily sitting at home now but is missing his sister already. And, I had to be in the kitchen from the morning neglecting other menial work ‘cos of the snack preparation. Today, I got a little ambitious and prepared chappathi rolls. Twenty aloo rolls and forty odd paneer rolls. With water melon juice for company.

Anyway, now that I’ve recorded a first, I am going back into the kitchen. My stomach is growling already. Lunch needs to get prepared. With that, I am essing. To, all of you out there, happy weekend! πŸ™‚