I want to join the happiness bandwagon too. However, I am not a photo person. I somehow like seeing photographs than actually taking them. Instead, I thought why not post a happy song every day. There is no better stress buster than music, is there? I promise it shall not be just Raaja sir songs everyday. I am pushing myself to listen to varied music and I hope this place shall become a playlist of all such. And hey, there shan’t be any sad songs too; but that is obvious from the title right?

Anyway, my song for today is Raaja sir’s; only for today, something like an introductory offer!Β Putham pudhu kaalai from Alaigal Oiyvadhillai.Β I know.. I know.. I’ve posted this song earlier in my other blog, too. But, I had to start this series with this song. It just can’t be done any other way.

Just listen to the prelude; IR’s genius in full flow. Oh God! S.Janaki.. Her voice is mesmerizing is an understatement. Do you know that this song never appeared in the film but was a smashing hit nevertheless? Raaja is God. The song was again used in a recent movie ‘Megha’ by IR; such is the power of this beautiful melody.

In a TV show, Myskin (a path-breaking Tamil director, for the uninitiated) said that if there is a list of three best songs in the world, this song would be one. And, we haveΒ to agree. What.A.Song. Period.

Enjoy. Peace Out.