If it was Raja sir on the first day, it has to be ARR on the next. That’s the rule, anyway.

People reading me know how big a fan I am of IR’s music. That’s because I haven’t spoken here much about ARR. I heart ARR’s music. I adore him for his humility.

I still remember the first time I came to know about ARR. I was in my seventh standard then. It was Teacher’s day at school. On Teacher’s day, the students will have to perform for the teachers. Every class will have to perform. Kadhal Desam’s music had just released. My bus-mate, Uma, was in the twelfth standard and she, along with the group were singing, ‘Mustafa mustafa’. I had no clue until then about this legend called ARR. Uma was flabbergasted when she came to know of  my ignorance. Her shock made me go back to see what other songs this guy had composed. And, from that day onward, I became an ARR fan.

I hate it that the world knows of Rahman ‘cos of Jai Ho. According to me (and many others), this is one of his not-so-great compositions. I can’t really pick which one is his best simply ‘cos each song of his’ has a charm.

I am not sure if Mani Ratnam has a knack of extracting beautiful songs from his music directors, or ARR delivers out-of-the-world tunes for his mentor. Whichever way it is, we are the beneficiaries.

As soon as I think of ARR-Mani combo, I think of this song. There are so many others, but the first thing that comes to my mind is ‘Yaakkai thiri’ from ‘Ayutha Ezhuthu’. The energy in the song is so palpable. Somehow, I love the marriage between the tune programmed for disco and the beautiful Tamizh lyrics. Jenmam vidhai kaadhal pazham; Loham dhvaitham kaadhal adhvaitham. Hats off to Vairamuthu. And, Rahman.

Enjoy. Peace Out.