I might not be posting many Hindi or English songs in this series, simply because I don’t know many. Very few I know. Very outdated I can sometimes be. So, not wanting to embarrass myself, I choose to post very few of these.

When people talk about Rafi and Kishore Kumar, I can just stare and listen. When people talk about Beatles and Shakira, I have to look away or deflect the conversation to something more amenable. That is my knowledge (not!) of world music. I’ve felt quite bad about my ignorance but have not taken any efforts to get better. It’s not about not contributing to the conversations per se, it’s more about not knowing good music to appreciate it. Slowly now, I’ve begun making amends. I try listening to a few good songs from other languages. Songs, that keep me hooked, regardless of the meaning.

This is one. Manja from Kai Po Che. Various readings from the internet indicate it is a motivational song, though I have no clue about the lyrics. I love the fusion between the sarangi, the tabla and I think, the guitar in the song. The moment I heard this song, it just stuck on in my head. In fact, the entire soundtrack of Kai Po Che is such a win. All three songs are gems that Amit Trivedi has given us.

Enjoy. Peace Out.