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There are some people in life whom you’ve never seen and never ever met; but they make such a big impact in your life. They are supposedly called ‘role models’. With the games they play or with the words they pen, they become an integral part of your life; knowingly or sometimes, even unknowingly.

A few of my role models are poets. One, of course, is Bharathi. And, one more is Kannadasan, an under-celebrated Tamil lyricist. Although I love Kannadasan’s love songs, it is his ‘thathuva paadalgal’ (philosophical songs) that keep me grounded on most occasions. His words are more powerful than a sharp sword. His words can lift you up from any situation. His words are full of hope. His words can bring back people from the verge of depression and even, suicide. Person in point – Rangaraajan a.k.a. Vaali. Another celebrated lyricist who recently passed away, Vaali, was contemplating suicide as his financial situation was depressing. That’s when he heard Kannadasan’s Mayakkama Kalakkama. In this song, there is a verse – ‘Unakkum Keezhi ullavar kodi; Ninaithu paarthu nimmadhi naadu!’ Hearing this, Vaali did get back his strength to fight against life. Such is the power of the words of Kannadasan.

Today’s song of the day is Manidhan enbhavan from Sumaithaangi. Such profound lyrical content this song is endowed with.
Manamirundhaal paravai kootil maangal vaazhalam;
Vazhi irundhaal kadugukkulE malaiyai kaanalam!
Sigh. And, the song is sung by PB Srinivas; like scores of other songs of Kannadasan. What do I  say about PBS’ voice that has not been said already. The voice has something special about it. May be, in due course, I’ll have one song dedicated to his voice alone instead of focusing on the lyrics. Well.. Today seems to be Kannadasan’s day.

Peace Out.