Thank you all who participated in the quiz.

The joint winners of the quiz are Bingo and Chipmuk with a score of 9 on 10!

Here are the answers –

1. Naan eppo varuven epdi varuven nu yaarukkum theriyaadhu.. Aana, vara vendiya nerathla correct-a varuven..
Muthu – One of Superstar’s first movies to point towards his entry into politics with a lot of double entendres. The above dialogue is a sample.

2. Thirupathi ezhumalayan kovil prasadam.. Idli.. Vadai.. Laddu..
Pattanathil Bhoodham – A cinematic love story (with superior songs!) woven in the midst of the genie (played by Jaavar Seetharaman) who helps Jai Shankar and KR Vijaya to unite with each other. One of the all time great comedies of Tamil Cinema.

3. 200 varushama Odikitrindha gadigaaratha aniyaayama pOttu udaichuteengale da.. Happada.. Naan kooda pudusunu nenaichu bayandhuttenga..
Friends – A film where Suriya and Vijay acted together with a big place for Vadivelu’s comedy. The scenes in the bungalow with Vijay, Suriya, Ramesh Kanna and a nut-case Charlie are laugh riots.

4. Go-lu-ti oda u-lu-ti dhaanda Te-lu-gu..
Panchathanthiram – Again, Kamal-Crazy Mohan combo that tickled your ribs for a full two and a half hours. Even if you watched the movie for a twenty times already, you’d find a new joke the twenty first time you watch it. #Epic

5. Saar.. Enkitta pesikitte takkunu anga paarunga saar.. Idhaana saar unga takku!
Villain – A pretty good(??) attempt by Thala Ajith in a dual role although the climax tested our nerves. This is one of Karunas’ dialogues that just stuck on for things done late. MyTakku is a hashtag which is perennially present on Twitter.

6. Ennai mannichirunga.. Saami sathiyama sorry. S O R R I.. Naan romba mOsamanava illa.. Konjam nallava dhaan..
Roja – A film when Mani saar thought of going national as against the usual love stories et all. Yet, he still did what he is good at. The Arvind Samy-Madhubala scenes are pretty romantic, to say the least. This dialogue is by an illiterate Madhu after her husband explains to her about  their marriage.

7. Pakki.. Pakkiram speaking..
Arangetra Velai – One of Fazil’s cult movies. The entire movie revolves around a phone call which is wrongly made with just a digit of the number interspersed. VKR-Prabhu combo rocks; and Revathi looks oh so cute!

8. Malini oru nimidamnga.. Krishnan.. B.Sc Chemistry Final Year.. Ungalai pidichirukkunu solla sonnaru!
Vaaranam Aiyiram – One of Goutham Menon’s good (watchable?) movies what with Suriya and Simran. I personally love their romantic scenes better than Suriya and Sameera. That explains the above dialogue’s inclusion.

9. Idhu sattaippa.. Theriyum chellappa..
Kaadhalikka Neramillai – If we ever have to classify Tamil comedies based on their greatness, this film would rank up there on the top. Balaiyya, Nagesh, Chachu, Muthuraman, Ravichandran – Oh Sridhar had set the bar for others’ following him pretty high. This dialogue appears when Nagesh and Chachu are rehearsing for their film and Balaiyya intervenes. Hilariousness Max.

10. I don’t know who you are, where you are.. You’ve killed my twelve men, including my brother. I am coming for you.. But once I get to you, I will kill you!
Thuppakki – One of Vijay’s very few good movies  in the recent past, all attributable to the director. Anyway, this dialogue comes just before the intermission and is uttered by Vidyut Jamwal who looks way beyond handsome than our Thalpathy.

There we go.. That’s it. Until we meet next time for a quiz, keep preparing for it! Ciao!