Ok..You’ve got to give me the liberty of coming back to Raaja saar songs, at least once in a few (five?) days. Please, okay! 🙂

Nizhalgal is one of the first films that boasts of the Raaja saar-Vairamuthu combination, before they split ‘cos of opinion differences. The outcome of the music and words combination comes close to no one when these two magicians are in full flow. ‘Vaanam enakkoru bodhi maram; NaaLum enakkadhu sedhi tharum!’ Whattay, no? Anyway, but our song of the day today shall not be this, but another gem from the same movie.

‘Poongadhave Thaazh thirvaai’ from Nizhalgal. Like me (and many others) think, the thing that makes this song stand apart from the rest is the unique voice of Deepan Chakravarthy. Also, Uma Ramanan’s sultry voice. Beauty. It’s a pity Raaja saar didn’t use them more in other songs.

Enjoy. Peace Out.