IR’s forte has been folk songs. His songs with Ramarajan are super-duper hits. Karagaatakkaran, for instance. However, with ARR, it is more of his Western and melodies that we like. When such an ARR goes ahead and does his folk, it becomes sheer magic.

Song of the day – Aathangarai marame from Kizhakku Cheemaiyile.

I personally believe Mano has got better songs from ARR than IR. Oh yes… there are some awesome ones from the IR’s stable too; but when it comes to experimenting with his voice, ARR gave him the best of the songs. Like, Muqabla from Kadhalan. Somehow, Mano’s voice is more suited for folk songs or that is what I think. And Sujatha Mohan. I cannot understand why Raaja stuck to certain regulars and did not experiment with such beautiful voices. In fact, Sujatha’s debut in Tamil was with IR in Kavikkuyil (her song apparently did not feature in the film!) Her first released IR song was Kaalai Paniyil from Gayathri way back in 1978 and yet her songs with Raaja sir are numbered. Thank God for Rahman, who gave her some beautiful songs.

Enjoy. Peace Out.