A lot of criticisms have been leveled against Harris Jayaraj. That, his songs resemble others’ songs. That, sometimes his songs so resembles his own older songs. Etc. Etc. I agree with it, too. Partly though. But, the point is that somehow he has established himself as a good music director in Tamil Cinema. There are some songs that, how much ever we try to get it out of our system, keeps just coming back to us. I personally feel his music is at its peak when he composed for Goutam Menon. I am not a big fan of his movies but I think the songs in his movies do rock. Be it, Harris, IR or ARR.

Today’s earworm of the day shall be Munthinam PaarthEnE from Varanam Aiyiram.

Yes.. Yes.. I love the other songs in the album too, but this one I love better ‘cos of the retro feel in the visuals. Simran looks really gorgeous in this song. And, I love Naresh Iyer’s voice. It has err an emotion (for want of any other word!) attached to it.

Enjoy. Peace Out.