Method number 24563 to embarrass your mom-

So, we are in Madras and are walking, with the MIL in tow,Β past a non-vegetarian eat out in Kodambakkam which has a lot of stuff displayed on the outside. Kuttan, with his usual questioning mind strikes a conversation..

Kuttan – Amma.. **pointing to the fare** I want that!
Me – No Kanna.. We can’t have that.
Kuttan – Is that Chicken?
Me – I guess so.
Kuttan – Which of it is Chicken 65?

I had no clue where he heard the term Chicken 65. My MIL looks at him and then, at me. That one split second I want to run to the nearby temple and sathiyam pannify on a karpooram that we don’t eat any other non-vegetarian items except egg. But.. But.. Sigh.

Again.. I don’t know how this Kuttan comes up with uncanny comparisons. We are eating at Bheemas in Tirupathi and they have a Baingan side dish for rotis; just that the baingans are whole and not cut into pieces. And, my Kuttan gets back to work.

Amma.. Is this fish?

The family of seven, including my parents, inlaws, brother and the husband look at me. I mean, why me? Aaah.. I know the answer. Ain’t I responsible for all of Kuttan’s actions? This fellow.. he knows exactly how to embarrass his mum. Sigh.

(P.S. – Can some one tell me how to educate children about why we are not eating non-veg food? This, till they are old enough to be able to decide if they wish to turn into a non-vegetarian or remain status quo. I don’t want to say eating that is bad ‘cos we are killing an animal/bird reason. ‘Cos they’d think people who eat non-veg food are bad. I don’t want the caste business to come into this either. How else can I tell them? Any help in this regard is appreciated.)


Conversation starters

Ammu’s conversations with apartment friends generally begin with, ‘Hi A.. Look.. My nails are painted purple. Beautiful, no? Yours?’

Kuttan’s is this, ‘Hi M.. I got hurt on my knee. Isn’t my hurt bigger than yours?’

No.. I am not trying to stereotype here. Just stating facts!


Poking our noses into Amma’s conversations

Husband and me are discussing about what to purchase a couple of months down the line when our savings scheme at a jewelry outlet matures.

Me – I’d rather get a coin and keep it for future use. Anyway, I don’t like wearing jewelry. May be, I’ll get just one ring. Been wanting one for sometime now.

Ammu – **Looks up from her plate of curd rice** Okay.. One ring for me too. **and continues eating**


Language woes

Kuttan – Teacher was asking today why I didn’t come to school all this while.

Me – What did you say?

Kuttan – I told her that we’d gone somewhere.

Me – You could’ve said that we went to Tirupati, right? Why did you say somewhere?

Kuttan – Oh silly Amma.. My teacher cannot understand Tamil, no?

Me – ??!!