Today sees the introduction of another very talented music director. Vidyasagar. He’s churned out so many lovely songs that I had to fight with myself as to which one to publish; today that is. Of course, we have another 80 more days to go and I’m sure some more of his beautiful songs will see the light of this blog.

Today’s song of the day is Poo Vasam from Anbe Sivam. Should I talk about the song or about the movie, first? There could be so many other Kamal movies that are awesome but this one is my favourite that wins just hands down. What a beautiful message the movie gives. Sigh. Only Kamal can pull off such mature stuff. When the movie released, I was least expecting Madhavan to get so much screen space considering how Prabhu Deva’s character was dumbed down in Kadhala Kadhala. This is Maddy’s best movies till date. (No.. I haven’t watched all of his movies!) The scene where he tells Kamal that he is his brother… Whoa! And, Nasser.. Thennadudaiya Sivane Pottri!

I am so sorry for this tangential rambling. The song is as beautiful as the film, too. Sriram Parthasarathy and Sadana Sargam are awesome; along with the flute in the middle. Beauty.

Enjoy. Peace Out.