Today the song is from my husband. A couple of days ago, when we were travelling on the car together, this song came up and the husband said, ‘What a happy song! Why don’t you put it in your happy songs list?’ I almost shrieked in horror. What? He remembers that I told him about a 100 happy song list on my blog?! That indeed is a great achievement from me. Six years of being together springs up some surprises too!

Song of the day is Kaatrukenna Veli from Bombay. The lyrics portray such happiness.

Vaazha thaane vaazhkai; veezhvadharku illai.
Vella thaane veeram; kolvadharku illai.
Kaana thaane kanagal; kanneer sindha illai.

Wow, Vairamuthu.

Enjoy. Have a happy Sunday.