It’s Monday today and only a classic can shoo away the Monday blues. Right? Here we are with a classic from the Maestro.

En iniya pon nilaave from Moodupani.

This song got released in the year 1980.Β From then till today, show me another song (that, apart from Ilaya nila!) in which the guitar sings as much with the singer? Don’t even try; you can’t! Everytime, I listen to this song, I wonder how Raaja saar could choose a guy with such a classically trained voice (who’d sung Mari mari ninne and poo maalai!) for this kind of a western melody; what with yodeling and all. KJ Yesudas did rock it. I am sure to get goosebumps every time I listen to this; that is at least a couple of times a day!

Trivia – Did you know that Balu Mahendra rejected Ilaya Nila and then settled for this song? It was later on in the year 1982 that the tune of Ilaya Nila was used in the movie Payanangal Mudivadhillai by R. Sundarrajan. Such is the genius of this music man!

Enjoy. Peace Out.