Name – Kuttan.
Age – four going on twenty five.
Full time job – Making Amma his bakra.

Kuttan has done some terrible things over the day. I am at my wit’s end. I try to keep myself calm but I am really riled up. I alternate between screaming, shouting, cajoling, begging et all to make him realize his mistake. A half an hour sermon is given. In between, I threaten him.

Me – Look Kuttan.. If you are not going to behave yourself from today onward, I’ll send you to a boarding school.

Kuttan is looking at me. I can see his thoughts go through his mind. I am wondering what he is thinking. And, then, he comes up with this.

Amma.. Will I get idli-podi at the boarding school?!

I faint.


I am limping like a lame dog after my 10K attempt. But, to keep the kids occupied, I have to take them to the park. Kuttan has taken his scooter and whizzes past me. I scream at him.

Listen kuttan.. Amma is not able to walk. Her legs are aching. You must go really slow. Is that clear?

Amma.. If your legs are aching and you can’t walk, why don’t you try crawling?!

I give up. The joke always has to be on me. But, why?! Crie.