One of the recent good songs that I’ve heard from Santhosh Narayanan will feature here today. I loved Santhosh’s BGM in Pizza and Soothu Kavvum. He is supposed to have brought back gaana to Tamil cinema. But, today’s song is not a gaana. It is a melody. A beautiful soothing Raajaesque melody. I am sure this song will be my song of 2014 regardless of what the coming months produce. Just like Gibran, another talent to watch out for – Santhosh.

Manasula Soora Kaathe from Cuckoo. The vocals of RR and Divya Ramani just take the song to newer heights. I particularly love the sultry voice of Divya (that kind of resembles Anuradha Sriram!). Beautiful flute work there in the interludes too. I am sure these new music directors are all going a couple of decades back to the Raaja era by churning out melodies like his. And boy… Do I love it!

Enjoy. Have a happy weekend.