I know it is summer already. But I’m sure you already know how much I miss the rains. Those first droplets falling from the sky making the earth smell like paradise. The fiery monstrous pour that shows that the sky is angry with us and goes into a musical trance sounding like drum beats. The showers that drench the earth and then leave their residual drops on the tiny leaves and beautiful flowers. The calm that comes after the rain coupled with stillness and warmth. Aah.. How much I miss the rains?!

So, to calm down the inner rain child in me, today is a rain song. Mazhaiye Mazhaiye from June R. I know the movie was a damp squib except the teeny weeny portion with a handsome Surya in it. But this song.. What can I say? Just beautiful. Sujatha just made it sound heavenly.

Enjoy. Peace Out.