There are some Raaja sir songs that you are mad about without even knowing the movie it is from or the actors in the movie.

Today is one such. I was about to post this song when I realised I didn’t even know the name of the film. Apparently, the name of the movie is Oruvar Vaazhum Aalaiyam. He he. Have you guessed the song, yet? Okay.. The hero is Prabhu. Yet? No? Okay.. The song is Malaiyoram Mayile…

I love this song. There is an inherent happiness that lingers through out the song. For a change, I like Malaysia Vasudevan’s voice. And, as usual, I adore Chithra’s.

With that, I am going on a break.. for a few days. Some super duper seriousย stuff ย is calling me urgently. Yeah..ย We take our vacations pretty seriously! **grins** Once I am done with congratulating the Bangalore people on their awesome summer, I shall travel to get roasted in the Chennai oven. Savouring Amma’s coffee and listening to paati’s slokams, I shall be back with my happy songs. Until then, be happy y’ll! ๐Ÿ™‚