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I have so much to write about the last few days but then, being at Amma’s place makes you me lazy like no one else. But, this blog is the only place that I can come back to when I go through difficult times to reminisce that my life isn’t all that bad, after all. Here goes a pointer point for posterity sake…

– In Bangalore for a couple days for a family function, I enjoyed every moment of it. Right from dressing up to meeting a lot of cousins (from the husband’s family!), eating kalyana sapadu (akkaravadisal… mmmmm….), running up and down and generally having fun, I loved every bit of it. Added to this was the most enjoyable fact that the kids were taken care of by my brothers-in-law’s children, I was totally a free mamma. Now, you know why I had so much fun, right?!

– Bangalore was hot. Sometimes, I felt it was even hotter than Madras. Also, the fact that the Madras heat ‘cos of the humidity never dries your skin out making it burn. Oh Bangalore.. my lips and hands are still healing. Sigh.

–  I never knew I’d say this, but I really have to now. I am blessed to have the extended in-laws’ family that I have. I’ve never felt out of place with them even for a second. Over the last six years, I’ve found two elder brothers in the form of my husband’s cousins. They tease me. They take care of me. They mock reprimand me (and my husband!) And, my two co-sisters… What do I say about them? They are more friends than anything else. My nephews and nieces – So full of love; so full of energy; so spreading happiness all around. All of them made sure my two days in Bangalore were bliss. **Touchwood**

– I met two beautiful ladies at Bangalore this time around. One, that I’ve met at least three times, earlier – RS of Lifeslittletwists. And, the other, for the first time – Sangi of Life and Times in Bangalore. I have to say I loved meeting and talking to them. I can still see the surprise (or is it shock?) on Sangi’s face when I introduced myself to her. She’s never met someone outside of the blog world without knowing them earlier which was the cause of her surprise. For me, though, I don’t know how many times I’d say this – I am at awww how we connect only with words and the connection just continues while meeting face to face. We are never strangers even though we don’t know how we look like. This is just amazing. RS and me kept listening in awww to all the work that Sangi does with the differently-abled and autistic kids. Thank you Sangi for all the insightful talk and the books. And, thank you RS for the peda.. We all loved it.

– We traveled in the first class of Rajdhani from Hyderabad to Bangalore and we found a rat in our coupe. Eeeks. While the attenders there were in denial for the entire time, we slept with much difficulty through the night.

– Back in Chennai and back to the good old TNagar Sarvana Bhavan only left me disappointed. The quantities have shrunk while the bill has got inflated. Soup comes in kuzhi-karandi size bowls and dosas are half of the normal hotel dosa sizes. I was very disappointed with my once-go-to place. Sigh.

– I met my cousin sister after I don’t know how long. May be about seven or eight years. And boy.. we did have a whale of a time with her. She was here to help her mum take care of her dad who is ailing leaving her seven year old daughter in the care of her husband back in the US. She is such an inspiration for me. She is a cancer survivor and now runs marathons promoting the cause of cancer awareness. It seems she runs a 10K four days a week. She turned forty this year and to celebrate that, she is running a marathon i.e. 42K every month. I fell off my chair listening to her speak. We went to a restaurant here in Velachery called Pind, a Punjabi dhaba kind of a place and were shocked to see the crowds on a work day. Full of mamas and mamis flocking the place for North Indian food  – I had to rub my eyes hard to see through the reality. Of course the food was lip smacking good and we had loads of family fun. She left to the US last night after hugs and goodbyes. I’m so glad I got to meet her.

– Meeting friends and relatives, visiting beaches, malls and temples, attending a wedding, savouring Amma’s kaivannam and having a relaxing time is on the cards for the rest of April. When so much fun is coming up, who cares about the summer et all! 🙂