This week is going to be rehash kings’ week. With a Harris Jeyaraj song tomorrow, we should be there. **grins** Today, though, is Anirudh’s day. Tharani wanted an Anirudh song and how I  can deny Tharani’s request and continue to survive in this world, tell me?!

Personally, like DSP, though I hum a few songs of Anirudh, I am not too fond of his music. I find his music very erm monotonous. Wait.. Or, should it be similar? Can’t say what it is but there is a bit of idha yerkanave ketterukom illa feel to his songs except 3. But 3 was his first album. No?! Sigh.

Song of the day today is Maanja from Maan Karate. I kind of like it for the quirky vocals and lyrics and instrumentation.

Enjoy. Peace Out.