Okay.. I am finally going to post this song; let it be a rip-off of whatever Hindi song it is.

Mudhan mudhalil from Aaha. First of all, I love the film. A film that I could relate to only too well; except the Suganya episode which was a tad too over-the-top. There are two relationships that I love the most in the film. One is between Srividhya and Banupriya – the MIL-DIL combo, that is just so nice. And, both the ladies look so beautiful, no?!ย Then between Banupriya and the hero guy, Rajiv Krishna – the manni-machinan one, that is more like a brother-sis relationship but is not! Sigh.

As for the song, I like the one sung by both Hariharan and Chithra, because you know, Chithra! Yeah.. I am biased like that. And, the lyrics. Sigh.

Yezhu Swaram Ettaai Aagatho
Naan Konda Kadhalin Aazhathai Paada;
Dhegam Engum Kangal Thoanraatho
Neeย Ennai Paarkayil Naanathai Mooda;
Irudhayam Muraipadi Thudikavilai
Idharku Mun Enakidhu Nigazhthathilai;
Naan Kanda Maatram Ellam Nee Thanthadhu..
Nee Thanthathu!

Revs.. This one is for you! ๐Ÿ™‚

Enjoy. Happy Sunday.