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Beach visit – Check

Attending a TamBrahm wedding – Check

Wearing a pattu saree in the peak summer – Check

Visiting a best friend after two years of not-in-talking-terms ‘cos I couldn’t attend his wedding – Check

The above-said friend’s wife and me coaxing the friend to skip his smoking habit but in vain – Check

Meeting the cute sweet little Volt and her super childish mum – Check

Realizing that Madras has completely fallen for the mall culture but falling for it myself as well – Check

Decking up the daughter in a saree ‘cos she wanted to dress like her paati – Check

Spending a bomb on clothes and footwear and then getting all jittery about the money spent – Check

Finally, deciding to colour my hair and also taking the plunge only for people to tell me later that the colouring makes no difference at all – Check

Meeting an office senior and reliving good old days – Check

Managing to talk to the MIL for an hour without getting into an argument – Check

Visiting two beautiful temples, one at Tiruvallur and the other at SingaPerumalKovil and savouring their awesome Puliodarai – Check

Travelling by 27D from Ayanavaram to ForeShore Estate which seemed almost like a Madras-Darshan tour – Check

Taking selfies with the bestie – Check

Rediscovering old photographs of family and friends and laughing endlessly about the snaps – Check

Irritating the brother day in and day out about seeing jadagams and finding a girl – Check

Eating full course meals with desserts every day for every meal a day and gaining all the kilos lost over the last eight months in just twenty days – Check

Meeting a wonderful blog friend and talking non-stop despite the driver of the call-taxi eavesdropping our conversation – Check

Meeting an aunt who thinks there could be no one better who can adapt to the changing life so quickly as me (for which I blushed, but of course) – Check

Crying about the Madras Β weather more when the husband informed about the rain in Hyderabad – Check

Meeting all of Amma’s Sloka and Yoga class friends and feeling happy about her social circle – Check

Hiding the iPad from the son and daughter – Check

My kids being mine, finding the hidden iPad in no time – Check

Travelling in the AC bus to Vadapalani overhearing Hindi conversations only to pinch myself twice to realize that I am in Madras and not Hyderabad – Check

Savouring the corn toast and vegetarian lasagna at Eden and hoping theyΒ open a branch at Hyderabad – Check

Buying a pattu saree for myself for the first time ever after my wedding of six years- Check

Reading three parts of Udaiyar by Balakumaran and worrying about the remaining three for lack of space in the luggage – Check

Watching a film with Amma (Vaai moodi pesavum. Feel good movie. Go for it!) – Check

Getting to talk a lot, with friends, relatives, auto drivers, parlour girls, naattar kadai karars and so many more people – Check

Kids meeting with cousins – Check

Realizing that parenting calls for so much more work than we actually anticipate – Check

Eating mangoes. More mangoes. And, more mangoes – Check

Planning in the head how to keep the kids occupied for the next month and a half alone at Hyderabad – Check

With that, adieu Madras. You shall be missed muchly. Until we meet again, see ya and be safe!