It is Sunday. I wake up to the familiar smell of home. Our home. There is nothing more comforting and at the same time, intimidating than waking up in your own bed after a relaxing vacation at your mum’s.

As I freshen up, memories come hitting me about how everyday, for the last one month, a cup of hot steaming coffee was kept ready even before I asked for it. Now, I need to make one; that, only for myself. The husband has completely given up coffee. How or why is a question that I do not wish to ask.

The biggest disadvantage of being the only-coffee-drinker in the house is the effort required to be put in to make coffee for one person; that too for your own self. It is this laziness that gives birth to an obnoxious idea.

What if I give up coffee too? May be, some lemon, water and honey would make up for the lack of caffeine?

I know. Such a dumb replacement. But, being healthy is important than being err woken up, isn’t it? And, in the process, a little bit of weight loss will do a whole deal of good. Or so the mind thought. And, instantly I decide to give up coffee.

For a full two days. After which I realize I can’t live without this companion of mine. For these two days, I am glad about drinking healthy and being able to give up something that is a part of my life. But.. But.. A constantly nagging headache travels with me for these two days. I sleep-walk through out the day. An irritable character I have become. It may or may not be due to the caffeine but my sub-conscious mind attributes it to the lack of coffee.

Then, as usual, my mind begins finding reasons to get back to my addiction. After all, two cups of coffee a day, one in the morning and one in the evening, will not do much of a harm, or will it? It won’t for the time being, at least. So, until there is a need to give up my morning love, I shall continue my love affair with this magical potion.

After all, there is one life to live; and what is it worth without a couple of cups of coffee!