… from my life right now.

– I have to make a confession here which I’ve been meaning to make for a long time now. I am back on Facebook. I somehow felt very incomplete without this online demon in my life. When I got back to it, I thought I’ll restrict the number of friends I have to a very close circle. Then, what happened was the reverse. People ranging from ex-managers to ex-colleagues to ex-school mates to ex mother in law kept sending me friend requests which I didn’t know how to avoid. And, so I am right back in to the friendly web and I shall remain therein until I am tangled beyond redemption.

– I began my morning walk today after close to more than month and a half. A month’s vacation at my mum’s made me quite lethargic regarding my fitness routine, which meant I had put on about three kilos during that time. Now, this three kilos will take forever to wear off. Sigh.

– You all know, how, I vehemently say no to structured classes for kids. Well.. The news is that I’ve changed. My children have been enrolled in two classes; one, skating and two, keyboard. I realized they have grown up a bit; they turn **gasp** five next month and so, I managed to convince myself that this discipline could do some good to them. The side-effect of this is that the husband has enrolled himself for guitar lessons and has bought himself a guitar for **gulp** six thousand bucks. I am hoping he manages to attend a few of his classes at least.

– I haven’t been reading anything worthwhile these days. Udaiyar has hit a road-block after the third part. Though I’ve managed to bring the rest of the three parts to Hyderabad, I am not finding the energy and time to read it on; more lack of energy than time.

– These days, I avoid people I don’t wish to have conversations with. Like, with a mother in my apartment who knows nothing but boasting about her possessions (including her children) and inquiring about my kids’ milestones. Now that I’ve avoided her and she has got the message that she just says hi’s and bye’s when we see each other, I feel guilty for doing so. Should I have been more polite and nicer with her is a question that keeps haunting me as an afterthought. Now, I hate myself for being so mean. Sigh.

– I’ve decided to study something; either the CFA or CPA. I feel my life is going no where in terms of knowledge acquired in my accounting domain and so this (extreme?) step. I am not sure how far this initial euphoria will get me to but I am hoping to see the end. **fingers crossed**

– Finally, I have a question to ask you all. I have a friend. Let’s call her A. She has two kids. I see her treating her in-laws like a nanny/maid/cook depending on the work to be done. She loves her kids but doesn’t teach them basic cleanliness. The kids are constantly on the TV or the computer. I’ve seen all this happen before me. Now, she behaves pretty nicely with me but I am not able to reciprocate the niceness to her ‘cos I judge her for her actions. It’s not that I am rude to her or anything of that sort, but the natural niceness doesn’t come to me while interacting with her. I ‘try’ to be nice and have sometimes given up on it too. I know I am not right. But, can you all tell me a way to conduct myself better? Thank you!