There are some films that are called cult-classics; certainly not without any reason. One of them that rank for me high up there is Michael Madana KamaRajan. I’ve spoken much about this film already. I firmly believe that like we have Thirukkural in Tamil which almost is relevant for every situation in life, this film has dialogues that can quoted on all contexts of life. Such is the brilliance of Crazy Mohan-Kamal combination. And, this film was just their beginning.. Sigh.

In a movie that is a famous comedy by itself, it is difficult for a music director to establish himself. But then, Raaja saar.. πŸ™‚ Every song is a beauty. It begins withΒ Kadhai Kelu where the opening credits roll and is a film by itself. I can’t think of a bigger classic than Sundari Neeyum. And then, Vechalum Vekkama Ponalum is a comedy tune by itself with the Bheem Boy interludes. Before posting the song of the day, I need to talk about the BGM in this movie. I may be over-reacting or whatever, but I firmly believe Raaja has given the best BGMs in the history of Indian Cinema. Even without the film playing in front of you, if the Kameshwarn BGM doesn’t come to your mind, then I am not too sure you’ve watched the movie in the first place! πŸ™‚

Anyway, for the sheer pleasure of Β having a Rock ‘n’ Roll Tamil Song here, it shall be Ram bum bum Aarambam. What should I say that I like best in this song? Raaja saar’s music. SPB and S Janaki’s vocals. Kamal’s dance. Or, Kushboo! Perfect happy package for starting your day. Like Varudhukutti says, Enjaai.. Jamaai.. Enjamaai! πŸ™‚ Β πŸ™‚