This girl did me a huge favour by tagging me in a game of Antakshari. So not. Because the letter which I need to begin the song with is Da. You feel my pain, right?! **crie** Anyway, so what I did was ask the person who started this entire Antakshari gig to suggest a song in Da. Well.. Well.. She did suggest a song beginning with da and all that, but I misconstrued it as another song and after a lot of confusion and explanation, I managed to understand which song she was suggesting. But, I am not posting that song which BM suggested; I am going to post the song which I had apparently misunderstood. So, you guys understand what I am trying to explain? No? Okay. Awesome.

Now, let’s listen to the song beginning with Da. Damakku damakku dum damma from Aadhavan. I chose this song because Surya. Also, long time, no Harris Jeyaraj no?!

Before I say Peace Out and all, let me tag someone else on this. My song ends like this – Rosa Rosa Raasa Vandu Leysa Paada. Yeah right. So, Ms. New Mommy Summerscript, please continue from here on. Your song needs to begin with **evil laughter** da!

Enjoy! 🙂