Another ARR day it is going to  be here. Also, Vairamuthu’s. Because, if not for the lyricist, the songs wouldn’t have had the same impact as they do now.

I am talking about the film, Rhythm. I love the movie for varied reasons. Subtlety and maturity being the top-most. And, of course, the music in the movie. Top class. Every song is a treat.. To listen and to watch. I tried to pick one among the five which wasn’t an easy task.

I like the sound of violins a lot. There is something mesmerizing about that instrument. And, when scores of violins are played together, it creates nothing but sheer magic. Have you already realized which song I am posting today? Anbae Idhu nijamdhaana. I am sure there are bigger hit songs from the film than this, but I just love this song. This song is just so nuanced. I am not a big fan of Sadhana Sargam. I always tend to think if only Shreya Ghosal had been around then, this song would’ve been all the more magical. Sigh.

Enjoy. Peace Out.