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I try not to post something extra here. You know, this space is already filled with a song a day and I really do not wish to spam your Inbox-es and Readers with more stuff. But, there are certain things which need to be said, spam or not.

Blogging is a blessing. I don’t know how many times I’d keep saying this but my experiences of being a blogger has been rewarding only next to being a mother. I really mean it. All of us who blog take this up sometimes to express our opinions, sometimes to record our lives, or even sometimes to just plain vent out our frustrations. It is a mystery how we end up having friends who turn out to be inspirations like none else. And then, of course, we develop friendships that last a lifetime.

Just look at this photograph.

Gifts for the kids!

Gifts for the kids!

All of these books/puzzles were gifted by blogger friends over the last one month or so. R’s Mom, Sangi, Tharani and summerscript… Thank You is such a small word. But, I can’t think of anything else to express my happiness. Thanks for being a part of our lives!

Okay.. Last week, I turned **gulp** thirty. That’s right. Close to the age of seven buffaloes and all that. Yet, a lot of blogger friends called, messaged, commented and even tried hard to meet me **wink wink**to wish me on my birthday.

RM apparently forgot my birthday. Wait.. Her computer reminder failed to indicate it was some Superstar’s birthday. After a couple of days, she realized she’d missed my birthday. She pinged me on whatsapp. I wish I can share the conversation with you; but I am too lazy to type it all out. I could feel that she was feeling really bad for not wishing me on my birthday. Doesn’t wishing and thinking about me not enough, R ki Amma; do you have to feel guilty on top of that?! You made me feel happy all over again two days after my birthday, which is all the more special than wishing me on my birthday. No, really! 🙂

The one friend who tried hard to meet me on my birthday finally came home yesterday. And, not empty handed. She came home with her husband and daughter. Also, with this for me…



Please excuse the quality of the image. Thanks a ton, Bingo’s mum for bringing it over. Sorry we couldn’t meet last weekend. And, thanks a ton again, BM, Tharani and Summerscript for getting this one for me. It looks gorgeous! 🙂

I’ve been thinking hard about what did I do to deserve such love from blogger friends. Thank you seems to be such a meager word. But, I can’t think of anything else. So, I shall say that again. Once, here – THANK YOU. And, at least, a thousand times in my heart.