Today, I wanted to post a Thalaivar song. I still haven’t listened to Kochadaiiyan songs to have it register in my head. Yeah.. Vacations are slowing me down. Sob.

Anyway, I am posting one beautiful melody from a(nother) cult-classic-comedy of Thalaivar. I am talking about Thillu Mullu. KB knows what to expect from whom. That, Superstar’s strength can be comedy also was first deciphered by KB. And what a film to do that. Of course, not without the able support of SriRama Chandra Moorthy erm Thengai Srinivasan. Do you know who wrote the immortalized dialogues for the movie? It was none other than Visu. ‘Sattaila enna bommai.. Poonai Saar. Adhula enna perumai.  Get out!’ ‘Aalai erkanave select panniyachu. Ellame verum eyewas!’ Oh Gawd.. I think I can go on.

You know which song I’m going to post today, right?! It has to be Raaagangal Padhinaaru. So many reasons to like this song. First and top one, of course, has to be the lilting voice of SPB. (I love Thalaivar and all but this song’s USP is SPB!) Can you believe this guy had no formal music training initially when he got into films?! Sigh. Two, MSV’s music. Yes.. It became outdated after Raaja but the 60s and 70s (and a part of the early 80s) belonged to this man. Legend. And three, Thalaivar’s expressions. Whattay lovable man he is.

Enjoy. Peace Out.